LGC 2Lawrence Gordon Clark was born on June 15th, 1938. He is an English television director and producer, perhaps best known for his A Ghost Story for Christmas series of mostly M.R. James ghost stories, which were broadcast annually by the BBC throughout the 1970s and became a staple of holiday BBC programming.

His ghost stories have a huge, international fan base and his work has been the subject of academic study. Later in his career he produced and directed the Chiller series of ghost stories which attracted writers, Antony Horowitz and Stephen Gallagher as well as many of the big name actors.

Educated at Cambridge University he went straight to the BBC where he began his career in documentaries before moving to drama.

His documentaries in the 1960s included the Human Side and Six Sides of a Square which followed the lives of people living in Gibson Square in Islington, London..
Lawrence directed Gerald Seymour’s Harry’s Game, an acclaimed thriller depicting a balanced view of the troubles in Northern Ireland in the 1970s, starring Ray Lonnen, Benjamin Whitrow, Nicholas Day and Geoffrey Chater. The Theme Tune from Harry’s Game brought fame and acclaim for Clannard.

Lawrence has worked with the great actors all through his career, including John Gielgud, Billie Whitelaw, Peggy Ashcroft, Robert Hardy, Richard Griffiths, John Thaw, Phyllis Logan, Elliot Gould, Rob Lowe, Elizabeth Hurley and introduced the career of Helena Bonham-Carter in the 1983 adaptation of K.M. Peyton’s novel, A Pattern of Roses.
Lawrence is also known for his long association with tall ships and square riggers in his historical, nautical dramas, Columbus, Drake’s Venture with John Thaw, Captain Cook with Keith Michel, (filmed on the Bounty replica). He has also wrecked tall ships off the Cornish Coast for Jamaica Inn in with Jane Seymour and Trevor Eve.

He is considered the ‘Master of Ghost Stories’, by Mark Gattis, The League of Gentlemen, Sherlock.
As Lawrence’s career continued, he was constantly sought after by producers, writers and actors because of his previous work and reputation. He has attracted critical acclaim, as well as directing and producing some of the most popular and challenging dramas and documentaries of the late 20th century.